Rest in Peace Mum

Lois Usher – 2nd October 1928 – 28th April 2014

Words by Grand-daughter Amy

Growing up down on the farm, Chris, Jamie and I loved any visit from Nanna. Bringing Fantales, Minties and assortment of liquorice lollies from Bunbury – Nan always had a stash of goodies for us.

RIP MumIn between games of rummy on the verandah, epic games of monopoly or fighting with Jamie to get Nan a cigarette; Nanna was always smiling and helping us out.

I think all the grandkids and cousins will remember Nan the most at Kembray, in Bunbury. I know we loved the cheeky beach visits with Nan and playing around Fairy Rock. Her leopard-print bather’s and lime-green Terry Towelling robe was always on!!

The cardboard slides down the side of Kembray, along with all the grass-cuts, followed by the choc-coated ice-creams were always welcomed by all of us I think.

I’ll always remember playing with Matchies on her carpet with all the cousins or the hide and seek matches that took all afternoon. We always had a lot of fun at Nan’s.

I am sure we all have many memories from the way Nan smiled, giggled and sometimes woke the other campers around our tent at honeymoon Pools with her snoring. As it happens, there was a particular night I thought throwing all of my socks and jumpers in Nan’s general direction would quieten her.

Missing her entirely, in the morning Nan woke to be surrounded by all of my clothes – we still laughed about it that morning.

Nanna will always be remembered smiling, enjoying a Mintie (or three!) and loving her Chish and Fips and Paper from Beach Road’s finest. Any dinner time was never without a 2, 4, 6, 8 – Bog-in don’t wait!

We will never forget all of these wonderful times with you Nan, those memories we all share and will cherish forever. We all love you and thank you for all of your love over the years.

Rest in peace.

Honeymoon Pool on the Collie River

Honeymoon Pool on the Collie River, the favourite camping spot.


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