Polished the car

January 2014, polished my car last weekend, the first time it had been hand polished since the repaint. It hasn’t been out of the garage yet and it’s Wednesday already! Looks gorgeous, can’t wait to go for a drive but there’s been too much to do here and no reason to go out! Maybe tomorrow… I think I need bread. I will get some photos, promise.

A couple of weeks later, about January 21 I go out for milk and hear a horrible grinding metal scraping noise from the rear passengers side wheel. Immediately I thought it’s brakes. Grab the milk and head home to get it up on jack and take the wheel off to inspect. Sure enough, rear pads were down to the metal. Luckily I had a spare set on hand so replaced them that night. Back to painting in the morning! A Post on the crazybitchracing website has my tutorial on replacing the rear brake pads on an S15.


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