Cutting in the front – primer

So, the old paint is a beige, the primer is white, and the new colour is very similar to the old one but a little lighter, I chose a colour called Bearfoot Beach. The only reason I’ll probably have to give the house two top coats is because I need to cover the white primer […] → Continue Reading Cutting in the front – primer

Section 4 – the front

The scaffolding was a little difficult to get around the corner and onto the grass, only because there is a slight drop off where the pavers finish. With the scaffold being so high, there was a real chance that it could topple outwards, so I built up the drop off with the welcome mat and […] → Continue Reading Section 4 – the front

Repairing the repairs

When you repair cracks in a rendered wall (textured render), any product you use to fill those cracks has to be textured OR you texture it so it matches the existing render… unless you want to do a truly dodgy bodgy job, which is unfortunately what the previous owner did. I’m not going to apologise […] → Continue Reading Repairing the repairs

Section 3 – the big wall

Almost finished the prep/primer to the big wall today. There’s just a small section near the street that I didn’t want to do as I need to “fix” the previous owners render crack “repairs”. I’ll put crack repairs in another post. This section is by far the biggest wall and I’m looking forward to hitting […] → Continue Reading Section 3 – the big wall

Hit the high walls

Finally the scaffold is erected with all the bracing, stabilisers and platforms. There is a kickboard kit but I dont know that I will be bothered fitting it at this stage. Works a treat as is, makes reaching the walls and guttering on the high section easy. I washed Section 2 walls this morning (the […] → Continue Reading Hit the high walls

One high LED

As you would expect, all of the globes in the house are accessible…. except the one that was broken. At the time of purchase it was broken, but it seemed to be such a PITA to replace, I told the previous owner not to worry about it. It was a globe in middle of the […] → Continue Reading One high LED

High roller

So how am I supposed to reach the 2nd storey walls? You can see clearly in this picture where the fresh paint overlapped the old, mid way up the wall. The little bit of white prep/primer was done with Section 1. Well, as they say… it’s easy when you have the right tools. Enter scaffolding… […] → Continue Reading High roller

Sunday 5th Jan

Section 1 completed yesterday morning, and had other things to do, but havent done any more pre/prime because I’m up to starting on the 2 storey section and to finish that I need the scaffold. Its a waste of time washing or prep/priming the lower section of it because when I get to wash/prime the […] → Continue Reading Sunday 5th Jan

LED globes can cause TV interference

Some LED globes can interfere with your TV reception. LED’s that are Australian QA are “probably” ok. Many of the LEDs I installed were from China/Hong Kong and did (when a particular light with 5 globes was turned on) kill reception to all of the Chanels 7, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 and sometimes slightly […] → Continue Reading LED globes can cause TV interference

Day 5 house painting

ok, so a 6am start gets a lot more done before the sun becomes… hot. I’m fair skinned, I burn! Today I finished the prep/primer to section 1 on my list (garage to mid house sliders), and a little further along the building to use up what was left in the roller bucket. I washed […] → Continue Reading Day 5 house painting


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