Fence render repair

Another bodgy repair on the fence. A corner had been damaged at some point and the previous owner filled it with, I’m guessing, No More Gaps, the universal repair kit in a tube (*insert sarcastic tone). Doesn’t match render but slap some paint over it and the new owner wont notice… pffft. Anyway, let’s fix […] → Continue Reading Fence render repair

Cutting in top coat

Today I started cutting in the top coat to the rest of the house and hope to hit those walls with the roller maybe this afternoon, otherwise tomorrow morning. The second level bits around the side and back of the house are a little tricky to get to (out of reach of the scaffold), but […] → Continue Reading Cutting in top coat

Front portico and balcony done

Finished the Barefoot Beach coloured, under cover walls of the front portico and upper level balcony today, then ran out of paint. I was tempted to start on the Drifting Drab darker coloured walls but decided against that and did other things. Pulled the station control solenoid out of the retic to get it tested […] → Continue Reading Front portico and balcony done

Front re-textured

So the repairs to the repairs went ok, but to make them completely invisible I’d need to remove the render and do it again… or… cover them with a textured render finish, enter Dulux Texture Fine Cover. This stuff is brilliant. It gives the exact same finish as the render, but you have to be […] → Continue Reading Front re-textured

Pretty much all primed up

I haven’t added to the blog for a few days, but I have been doing “stuff” pretty much every day. It’s a case of working around the house, cutting in primer, finish primer, cutting in top coat, finish top coat, and in between repair any bits before top coat. Today I pretty much finished primer […] → Continue Reading Pretty much all primed up

Cutting in the rest of the house

Finished cutting in the rest of the house (except for the very front face) this morning, and will prime all of those bits, probably over a couple of morning/afternoons, depending on where the sun is.

Section 3 top coat done

I’ll see how it looks in a couple of weeks, I may give the big wall a second top coat. Will see how I feel! It looks great, but another coat wouldn’t hurt.

More dodgy repairs to repair

Someone’s heart really wasn’t in this repair when it was done. There’s only a couple of wall/skirting/cornice repairs that I’ll have to do again, but this is a beauty. It looks slightly worse in the first pic because I had already sanded and chipped away some of the crap, but it wasn’t that much better, […] → Continue Reading More dodgy repairs to repair

Section 3 finished cutting in top coat

Sunday, I started early to finish the cutting in, but there wasn’t enough time to hit the big wall with the roller before the sun was going to be a problem, so top coat to the big wall will have to wait until tomorrow.

Security screens fitted

Very happy with the new screens. I can leave windows and doors wide open and have fresh air through the house all night or day long. Will make the current heat wave a breeze (literally 🙂 ) All of the screens are the same colour as the windows (dark grey) except for the front doors […] → Continue Reading Security screens fitted


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