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DIY Garden wall

Before I can secure the last few deck boards, I need to build/finish the garden wall. I used Hebel blocks, which are aerated concrete. Easy to handle, can cut them with a hand saw, and join them with liquid nails. I worked out roughly where the garden was going before laying the joists, but its […] → Continue Reading DIY Garden wall

DIY Deck

So now the fun part starts – building stuff! I always wanted a deck. I had some of the tools (two drills, one powered, one cordless), but it was time to get a power saw as I had a lot of cutting to do with this project. Bunnings was happy to oblige with a $59 […] → Continue Reading DIY Deck

Project Patio

After about 2 months in Council approvals, finally, the patio roof went up. I designed and had this built (by professionals, wasn’t going to DIY this one) to collect heat during the winter months. It was completed just in time for summer, so I wont know how effective it is for the winter months until […] → Continue Reading Project Patio

DIY big art for a big wall

So, that huge stairwell needed “something”. Big art for a big space. I had some canvas left over from years ago, so it was just a trip to Bunnings to pick up some pine for the frames. The finished art was about 1.8m x 1.6m. It wasn’t until it was finished that I decided which […] → Continue Reading DIY big art for a big wall

Replace leaking shower head

This is probably one of the easiest home DIY jobs you can get. Shower head leaking at one of the joints in the head or piping from the wall. A brand new shower head is $15ish from Stratco. I was in there today, but that will be another story. Btw, I think the same shower […] → Continue Reading Replace leaking shower head

Repair sliding door

One of the sliding glass doors appeared to be “crooked”. Either the door wasn’t level or the building wasn’t square, as there was a pretty big gap at the top of the door when it was shut, and no gap at the bottom. I couldn’t see through the gap, but it was letting cold air […] → Continue Reading Repair sliding door

Painting the inside

Lots of little chips, some minor cracking and a couple of dodgy previously “repaired” plaster dings to repair first, using both render/cement filler and plaster filler depending on the cracks, but then it was into the painting. I repainted the feature wall in master bedroom to the Drifting Drab, and have started repainting all of […] → Continue Reading Painting the inside

Repair cornice cracks

Typical cornice crack. A couple of coats of undercoat might fill them but a light application of plaster filler, a light sand, undercoat and top coat sorts them out perfectly.

Washed timber effect to furniture

So I wanted the washed timber effect on the bedside cupboards to match the bedhead but in a darker shade, so it compliments the bedhead, but doesn’t look like they are trying to be identical. The bedhead IS timber, the cupboards are melamine, I didnt want them identical, but did want them to compliment each […] → Continue Reading Washed timber effect to furniture

Repair your electric drill

Don’t do this at home. Of course you should get a licensed electrician to do electrical repairs. Make sure any electrical appliance you are working on is of course disconnected from any power supply. Some appliances can store electricity, so again I warn, do not do this at home, take your broken electrical appliances to […] → Continue Reading Repair your electric drill

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