DIY Garden wall

Before I can secure the last few deck boards, I need to build/finish the garden wall. I used Hebel blocks, which are aerated concrete. Easy to handle, can cut them with a hand saw, and join them with liquid nails. I worked out roughly where the garden was going before laying the joists, but its final placement was dependant on where the deck boards went to. I wanted an even board width so I don’t have to cut boards lengthways. So with its position sorted, then just lay the blocks using liquid nails. I recommend using a string line and level, but because this was a small project I didnt bother, but I should have. One or two blocks werent perfectly placed, but again because the Hebel blocks are so easy to work with, I just used a concrete paver to grind down an edge or two, then start rendering the joins before finishing off with textured finish and paint, so it’s the same as the wall behind it. I will top the wall edge with deck boards which will finish it off nicely and give a little seating bench as well. More pictures to come as I finsh this project.


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