LED globes can cause TV interference

Some LED globes can interfere with your TV reception. LED’s that are Australian QA are “probably” ok. Many of the LEDs I installed were from China/Hong Kong and did (when a particular light with 5 globes was turned on) kill reception to all of the Chanels 7, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 and sometimes slightly interfered with Chanel 9 or 10. Sometimes a single LED can kill your reception, and I’ve heard that even NEIGHBOURS LED’s can cause interferance with your TV reception. Solution – mine was easy enough as I had a heap of 12w warm LEDS on hand. I switched them over and the 12w didn’t interfere with TV reception. They were stamped with “QC”, and I can only assume they have passed some sort of Quality Control. The ones I bought from China/Hong Kong have no quality control it would seem. I will have to find a new source for my 9w cool LED’s!

PS. It appears only the MR16 type LEDs (usually interior downlights, with the two “pronged” pin connector) cause the issue. The GU10 fitting LEDs (often external, wall or feature lights with two “lugs” push and twist connector) don’t appear to have a problem.


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