Slowdown of progress, finished exterior

There has been a lot going on, a little less on the house and more with family, but progress all the same. I finished the entire exterior… except for a small out of sight piece of the Barefoot Beach and some guttering in the Drifting Drab. I finished all of the fences, Drifting Drab all round. When I went to give the rear gate a coat of DD I found the bottom of the gate was badly corroded from debris sitting in the bottom rail, that had no drainage holes. I drilled drainage holes, rust treated, primed and painted. Looks like new, which is pretty difficult if you decide to hand/brush paint a colourbond gate and not have it look like a brush painted surface. I was a little surprised it looked so perfect. Better than new actually because now it matches the rendered fence perfectly, whereas the colourbond was a close match, but not the same colour. Fixed a couple of gates, lawn has been fertilized with oodles of sheep manure and is now “green as” and looking terrific. Not a lot else than I can think of right now, have to get back to work!


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