Introducing Frivolous

Soon to be introduced... FrivolousWith the exterior almost finished I’ve been giving some serious thought to the interior. The Drifting Drab is currently the feature wall in the Theatre Room and Entry/Living. There’s also another dark plum wall in the Master bedroom (only until I repaint it), but that’s the same colour that the now Drifting Drab walls were, and I intended to repaint that one with Drifting Drab also… but, I might now introduce two new colours, one will be my accent colour, “Frivolous” and the other will be a neutral soft light brown/grey, derived from the Drifting Drab, white and Barefoot Beach. A colour that will tone in perfectly with the Drifting Drab, the cupboards, carpets, tiles and existing white walls. I need to finish the exterior first, but now I have the colour scheme sorted I can plan the “art”.

Frivolous, Drifting Drab, black and white, throw it at a couple of big canvases, can’t wait!


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