Fixed my retic! Part 2

Sunday morning and I figured I need to have another go at fixing this annoying retic. Even though both of the solenoids had been tested down at the retic shop, they only test the top electrical part of the valve/solenoid contraption, and after a bit more reading I realise that there’s a possibility there could be sand in the valve or it could be faulty for some other reason. Because I only have one “station” I don’t really need a “Master” solenoid plus a “Control” (Station 1) solenoid, so figuring that one of the solenoids are the problem, I figure why not just use one. So then it’s just a case of test one at a time, hopefully one doesnt work, which means the other will. So another 2 fuses later I think I have fixed my retic 🙂 The Master solenoid appears to be the problem, so I manually opened that, disconnected it from the retic controller, leaving the remaining solenoid controlled by the retic. I tested for a couple of minutes to make sure it didn’t blow a fuse and it appears to be fixed…

Monday morning 6am will confirm. Stay tuned.

Yay, at last the retic is working. I probably have a working spare controller now but will let my son know because last time I looked at his controller it wasn’t responding at all and I think it was buggered.


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