New plant’s a creeping!

This creeper has only been in the pot about a week and already it's climbing the frame and has two beautiful flowers (not open when I took the pic, probably too hot for it today).I had managed to keep a pot of the creeper I had at Stockley Road alive for the entire time at Ascot (that’s a tough creeper), and put it and another cutting of it into the front planters. The old creeper was so root bound it was killing itself, and it wasnt a nice plant, so I ripped them out. I love this creeper because it’s as tough as nails (probably a weed), has beautiful pink/lavender flowers (two flowers already!), it’s soft to touch with lush green foliage, and it creeps like crazy! 🙂 This will eventually creep its way up to the upper level and pretty much cover the top balustrade. Name the flowerTo make sure it doesnt get root bound and die on me, I removed the blocks the pot was sitting on, took out a paver under the pot, filled paver spot and drainage hole of the pot with sheep manure/soil so when it wants to really get its roots down it can go for it.


Edit: Online flower search and surprise surprise I have a Morning Glory… and yes it is a weed! I’ll have to read up and see if letting the roots into my patio is a bad decision. As long as they don’t do any structural damage I won’t be worried.

Follow up: Very unfortunate, but this plant has to go 🙁 It can travel underground into neighbours yards and is a real pest. I wouldn’t care if it was only my yard, but with close neighbours I will have to confine it to the pots until I can find a replacement creeper. Very dissappointed. 🙁


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