Finish top coat to north, west and some of east walls

North side and front (in Barefoot Beach) "finished", repairs to the Drifting Drab started.Progress slowed a little as I have had other work to do and regular trips to Perth to help sort mum with appointments and things, but finished the top coat to the front, around to the down pipe on south wall, which included recoating the front that had the Texture coat. The texture coat was a flat finish and the paint is a low sheen, so it needed to be the same as the rest oif the house. I also cut in the rest of the upper level (side upper levels, south and east facing walls), the garage (east) wall and one of the alcoves on the south wall. The other alcove I’m going to paint with the Drifting Drab because I will never use that space and the neighbours were thinking of painting that part of the fence in the Drifting Drab, so it would look nicer if it were all the same. No skin off my nose and I’m thoroughly over Barefoot Beach, looking forward to cracking open a new colour!! 🙂


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