Front re-textured

Front fresh with Dulux Texture Fine CoverSo the repairs to the repairs went ok, but to make them completely invisible I’d need to remove the render and do it again… or… cover them with a textured render finish, enter Dulux Texture Fine Cover. This stuff is brilliant. It gives the exact same finish as the render, but you have to be careful to load the roller and spread it evenly to get a perfect finish, but it is doable. I got a 10L tub of the Dulux Texture Fine Cover tinted to “Barefoot Beach” and applied to the entire front section which had all of the “repairs”. Coverage is excellent despite it going on so thick. I was really surprices to finish the entire front section with about 6-7L. The finish does appear to be flatter than the Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen, but I will happily coat the front section with a topcoat of paint now that the render looks 100% on what it did. Second and 3rd photos show close up of two of the repaired sections. I will see how it looks in a few days, if I have to hit it again with another application of Texture Fine Cover I will. I couldn’t find a before pic of the render repair near the retic (last photo), but it’s completely sorted now. The “smudge” on the last photo is a bit of dirt on the lense – the wall is perfect. You can see more before and after shots of the dodgy repairs and cracks in the Repairing the Repairs post.
Front corner after repairs and Dulux Texture Fine Cover Render repair on north wall near retic. Smudge on wall was dirt on the lense.


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