More dodgy repairs to repair

Someone’s heart really wasn’t in this repair when it was done. There’s only a couple of wall/skirting/cornice repairs that I’ll have to do again, but this is a beauty. It looks slightly worse in the first pic because I had already sanded and chipped away some of the crap, but it wasn’t that much better, just covered with paint so it wasn’t so obvious. I’m guessing the original repairer has used both white silicon (down the door trim) and white No More Gaps (to fill around the skirt), and pretty much made a mess of it. I’ll get rid of much of the filler’s previously used and then do it again with a plaster filler.

After removing most of the crap, the steel reinforcing bead is obviously rusted so I hit that with a rust killer while it’s exposed. That, and sealing the outer door frame (done when painting) should prevent any future rusting or damage to this corner. I have to wait 24 hours for the rust killer to stabilise/dry, then I can fill with ready mixed No More Gaps Render Filler, should work a treat. The Render Filler is textured but can trowel (or sand) to a smooth finish.


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