Cutting in the front – primer

So, the old paint is a beige, the primer is white, and the new colour is very similar to the old one but a little lighter, I chose a colour called Bearfoot Beach. The only reason I’ll probably have to give the house two top coats is because I need to cover the white primer properly. So I wondered can I tint the primer the same colour as the top coat? It’s enlightening to know we keep learning everyday! While I should have thought of tinting the primer when I bought the first 10L, at least now by tinting the primer I’ll have a better chance of getting away with 1 top coat vs 2. The primer can only be tinted to half strength of a pastel colour, so half strength it is. That will be a good thing also, because I will still be able to see clearly where the primer has been covered and where it hasn’t. The first pic on left shows white primer, and the new half strength primer cut in around edges and anywhere the roller won’t go.


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