Section 4 – the front

The scaffolding was a little difficult to get around the corner and onto the grass, only because there is a slight drop off where the pavers finish. With the scaffold being so high, there was a real chance that it could topple outwards, so I built up the drop off with the welcome mat and made sure the stabiliser bars were set in the catch position (close to the ground and at the right angle to keep the scaffold upright should it decide to topple). The welcome mat was perfect height and a gently gently approach got the scaffold around the corner without incident.

First step, wash downScaffold setup to do the wash down of Section 4 yesterday. Each wall is washed with a square bucket and broom, and while I’m up there I give the guttering a wash also. This section needs a few render repairs, then its cut in the primer, complete the primer, cut in the colour, and finish with top coat of colour. At this stage I’m only planning on one top coat but if theres any paint left over, or it looks at all patchy, then I’ll hit it with another top coat.


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