One high LED

As you would expect, all of the globes in the house are accessible…. except the one that was broken. At the time of purchase it was broken, but it seemed to be such a PITA to replace, I told the previous owner not to worry about it. It was a globe in middle of the ceiling above the huge void in the stairwell. One of 2 globes on the one switch, one globe came on, the broken one obviously didn’t. At first I thought I could get to the globe through the roof space but that was so tight over that section, it wasn’t an option. Taking delivery of the scaffold the day before I figured why not try it out, inside, first? About an hour later I had the scaffold erected “enough” to get me up to the globe and replace it. While it was there I dusted the ceiling for cobwebs because the scaffold probably isn’t going to be up again inside for quite some time!


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