Sunday 5th Jan

Section 1 completed yesterday morning, and had other things to do, but havent done any more pre/prime because I’m up to starting on the 2 storey section and to finish that I need the scaffold. Its a waste of time washing or prep/priming the lower section of it because when I get to wash/prime the top it will drop the dirty wash on the lower section, and risk a “join” mark of primer and paint, so I will wait until I get the scaffold to continue on. I have found my scaffold but the business is closed for Christmas break, hopefully can pick that up early next week then I can start on the front half of the building, which is all 2 storey.

This morning I polished the kitchen centre bench top. I think it’s called Essa Stone. It was dull and covered in light scratches, so I hit it with car polish cutting compound and finished off with car polish… looks much better. I’ll add a photo later.


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