December  2013This is/was a development website, but I’ve decided to use it as my renovators blog. After finding and buying a new (used) house and moving to Mandurah in November 2013, I was looking forward to spending a lot of time on this, my biggest project yet. I knew from the first viewing that the exterior would need painting (unfinished by previous owner), and there were a few taps that needed repairing. Globes to be switched to LEDs (some already done but I’d be changing over the rest of the house to LEDs) and probably both toilets needed at least a new inlet valve. But I love doing that stuff, so I jumped at the chance – and so began the renovating project.

The previous owner had “started” painting, but hadn’t finished. Hadn’t cut in what was done (for the most part), and to top it off, I think they used gloss enamel. I may be wrong, but regardless, half the 2 story walls, as far as they could reach, were painted fresh darker colour, and the rest, that wasn’t repainted, was a couple shades lighter! The previous owner was prepared to finish the painting for the sale, but I was very happy to knock the price down a decent chunk and do the painting myself. I know, sounds crazy, but I love doing “stuff”! oh, and I wasn’t overly keen on the new colour so will be repainting a shade or two lighter.

I’ll try and add a few photos as I go. See renovating posts for progress.



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