Finished cupboards.

Build a bed head

I looked, but couldn’t find a bedhead I liked enough to shell out a lot of money for, so I decided to build my own. Several drawings later, a trip to Bunnings and let’s get into it.

3 cars in a 2 car garage

Turn 2 car garage into 3 car garage

I could fit 4 cars in this 2 car garage, if I had another Mini. A bit of creative rearranging and there’s heaps of space for 3 cars. While mum is living with me, and I hate to see a car not garaged, I managed to squeeze mums car in without much trouble at all. […] → Continue Reading Turn 2 car garage into 3 car garage

Slowdown of progress, finished exterior

There has been a lot going on, a little less on the house and more with family, but progress all the same. I finished the entire exterior… except for a small out of sight piece of the Barefoot Beach and some guttering in the Drifting Drab. I finished all of the fences, Drifting Drab all […] → Continue Reading Slowdown of progress, finished exterior

Soon to be introduced... Frivolous

Introducing Frivolous

With the exterior almost finished I’ve been giving some serious thought to the interior. The Drifting Drab is currently the feature wall in the Theatre Room and Entry/Living. There’s also another dark plum wall in the Master bedroom (only until I repaint it), but that’s the same colour that the now Drifting Drab walls were, […] → Continue Reading Introducing Frivolous

Fixed my retic! Part 2

Sunday morning and I figured I need to have another go at fixing this annoying retic. Even though both of the solenoids had been tested down at the retic shop, they only test the top electrical part of the valve/solenoid contraption, and after a bit more reading I realise that there’s a possibility there could […] → Continue Reading Fixed my retic! Part 2

This creeper has only been in the pot about a week and already it's climbing the frame and has two beautiful flowers (not open when I took the pic, probably too hot for it today).

New plant’s a creeping!

I had managed to keep a pot of the creeper I had at Stockley Road alive for the entire time at Ascot (that’s a tough creeper), and put it and another cutting of it into the front planters. The old creeper was so root bound it was killing itself, and it wasnt a nice plant, […] → Continue Reading New plant’s a creeping!

Cutting in the Drifting Drab to gutters, facia and dark walls

Cutting in Drifting Drab

I washed the brown walls and guttering in the morning and just couldn’t wait to open the Drifting Drab and get it on a wall to see how it looks. I could only guess a colour match, of how it should look when fresh (old brown now faded) and at the same time make sure […] → Continue Reading Cutting in Drifting Drab

Nearly finished the Barefoot Beach

oh so close, I finished the whole house Barefoot Beach… except for a small section of the rear alcove before I finished the tin of paint. I had another tin on hand but I’m having a day or two break from Barefoot Beach before I either finish off that piece or start on the Drifting […] → Continue Reading Nearly finished the Barefoot Beach

Rain Master retic controller

Fixed my retic! Part 1

Oooh, finally. The retic just stopped coming on, took me a couple of weeks to realise the grass was dying and I hadn’t heard the retic going! So then the troubleshooting began. Dug up the wiring and solenoids, pulled joins apart, no luck. Error message on the controller indicated the transformer had blown so I […] → Continue Reading Fixed my retic! Part 1

North side and front "finished"

Finish top coat to north, west and some of east walls

Progress slowed a little as I have had other work to do and regular trips to Perth to help sort mum with appointments and things, but finished the top coat to the front, around to the down pipe on south wall, which included recoating the front that had the Texture coat. The texture coat was […] → Continue Reading Finish top coat to north, west and some of east walls


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